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“On my two YouTube channels I teach over 500 thousand subscribers about all topics related to accent and speaking skills. By joining this course you get access to my first private accent training course made up of exclusive lessons not available elsewhere.

Who Should Join The Course?

This course is for people who already know English. The practical training in the course is tailored for you to make natural changes that improve your overall speaking skills. If you want to sound more British than you do now, my course will teach you that. However, my course also trains you to speak more clearly in your existing accent.

What You Get When You Join...


  • 25 Practical Pronunciation Training Lessons [VIDEO] 
  • Easy to understand lectures on Pronunciation [VIDEO] 
  • 25 Bonus Pronunciation Focus Lessons [PDF] 
  • 25 Bonus Articulation Training Lessons [VIDEO] 
  • High Quality Video files MP4 
  • Optional small version videos for mobile viewing 
  • Weekly practice reminders via email 


Course Testimonial Interview:

Joyce Li, Chinese Native Speaker: Primary School Teacher in Australia

Q) What accent problems did you have before you joined the course?

I remember there was a time when people asked me to repeat what I said all the time, even though I thought I was speaking brilliantly. The look on their face, the frowning... all indicated that they were trying hard to decipher what I said. Also Chinese friends of mine who had really good accents said that when I spoke English it was the same like hearing Chinese!

Q) How did your speaking improve from taking the course? 

I found out that I said the sound that's in the word ‘air’ wrong in all words. I once told my friend that I wanted to get an ear fryer for cooking food and she looked at me strangely because I should have said ‘air fryer’! The course taught me the difference between confusing sounds like that so I could recongise my own mistakes. People also noticed changes to my speech. A Thai girl said that I spoke really clearly and at work colleagues said I sounded more British.

 Q) What did you like about the course?

 It was like drinking accent Red Bull because I got a lot more talkative than is normal to me. I even joined some group conversation classes because of feeling a lot better about my speaking.

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