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About Jade Joddle: Your Accent Trainer

Speaking Skills Specialist

“On my two YouTube channels I teach over 500 thousand subscribers about all topics related to accent and speaking skills. By joining this course you get access to my first private accent training course made up of exclusive lessons not available elsewhere.

Who Should Join The Course?

This course is for people who already know English. The practical training in the course is tailored for you to make natural changes that improve your overall speaking skills. If you want to sound more British than you do now, my course will teach you that. However, my course also trains you to speak more clearly in your existing accent.

What You Get When You Join...


  • 25 Practical Pronunciation Training Lessons [VIDEO] 
  • Easy to understand lectures on Pronunciation [VIDEO] 
  • 25 Bonus Pronunciation Focus Lessons [PDF] 
  • 25 Bonus Articulation Training Lessons [VIDEO] 
  • High Quality Video files MP4 
  • Optional small version videos for mobile viewing 
  • Weekly practice reminders via email 


*receive your Bonus lessons by weekly email 

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